Friday, December 5, 2008


So, my family has been hit with the stomach flu for the first time of this season. I love what this means for a mom with four kids. I was picking up John from school and as I was getting Ginny out of the car, she started looking a little green. Right in the newly paved parking lot, I just pushed her head over and she blew chunks. Unfortunately it was right by the driver side door of a lady who had just left her car. I was late, so when Ginny finished I grabbed her hand and dragged her running behind me with Brandon on my arm racing toward John's class. I was just hoping that she didn't do it again on the play ground. We made it back to the car without anything going wrong. As we were coming back from getting John though, the lady had made it to her car that had been parked next to us and was pulling away. I hope she didn't get offended by the puddle by her car. I was just trying to make it home before my car got a taste of it. We made it.