Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Final Stretch

So it has been a week since I updated last and I am happy to say that she is on the final stretch of potty training. She now tells us when she needs to go and we only have to remind her sometimes. She has usually only one accident a day, but it is a surprise which kind of accident it is. She also woke up dry this morning for the first time. It is pretty exciting. We will see how long the final touch ups take. She is such a sweet heart. When I ask her if she needs to go potty, she often answers, "No, I don't think so." What a silly girl. Well, that's all for now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Progress in Potty Training?

Sunday: I so did not want to be potty training on Sunday because I just wanted to relax, but the show must go on. So here it is: 80% mostly because she pooped in her pants. I wish she would just tell me.
Monday: Hallelujah! She is a strong 95% today. She even told my hubby this morning that she had to go potty and then went. She also told me this afternoon that she had to go potty and then went poop on grandma's toilet. She is amazing. It has been a true week since we started and I have been very diligent even though at times I really did not want to be. She is on my good side today though. She is super wonderful. and I just love her so much.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brandon Crawling at 5 months

Yes my baby is crawling. This video was taken on Sunday and he is now sitting up and everything. It all happens so fast. He is still my baby though.

Potty Training Again!! Do not read if you are sensitive to potty words.

So, Today their is hope. Yesterday, I got up and decided that this week is the week Ginny gets rid of diapers in the day because it is spring break and I have time to stay at home ALL DAY. I have now decided to give an update of the progress for my future sanity when potty training other children. Here it is:
MONDAY: 20% Today was not good. She managed to go pee-pee on the toilet twice and she was in underwear from the moment she woke up till bed time. Luckily she did manage to have all her accidents outside. If she were a puppy, she would be done potty training. Thank goodness it is laundry day.
TUESDAY: 100% so far, and it is already 4:30pm in the afternoon. Hooray. This is a huge improvement from the 7 or 8 pairs of undies we went through yesterday. Yes she even pooped on the toilet instead of in the undies. O.K. she pooped her pants once (and a 1/2), but otherwise she did great.
WEDNESDAY: 80% She has decided that if I actually catch her before she poops in her pants then she gives me this look that seems to say, "Give me a break, mom." It is adorable. There was no pooping in the pants today. She just peed in her undies twice. She is really doing well now that she gets a gummy worm after she goes pee. Who would have guessed?
THURSDAY: 80% so far. She also managed to poop on the toilet seat. Don't ask me how that happened, but it did. I couldn't get mad because I always say, "poo-poo on the potty." I should have said "in the potty." Kids are so smart.
FRIDAY: Today was about 90%. She only pee-peed in her undies twice and was able to wait the rest of the times. She has also been taking naps all week in undies and not had an accident. She didn't even poop at all today. We will see what tomorrow brings.
SATURDAY: She was with daddy today, but managed to poop "on" the toilet seat again in the morning. Still working on "in". I am getting frustrated because she still won't tell us that she needs to go, but she will tell us right after she has gone. She will also show us where she has done her business if we ask her. She is so helpful.

That has been the adventure for this week. Stay tuned for next week.