Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ba-Ba Daddy

So, Ginny has been successfully transitioned to the toddler bed which is lots of fun for us. BECAUSE in the mornings, she comes to wake us up. At first she used to get into bed with us, but now she wouldn't even think of that. She goes straight to Daddy's side of the bed. Daddy tries to coax her into the bed with us to snuggle, but today she said, "No." very clearly I might add. Sam tried again and she said, "No, Ba-Ba." This means she wants her Ba-Ba/Sippy cup. Daddy is such a sweetheart that he always gets out of bed to get it for her. The best part is, that Ginny is not the first of our children to do this. John and Allie both did this to daddy. They stood by the bed pulling on his hand or simply begging for daddy to get out of bed and get them a drink. Notice I say daddy, not mommy. Mommy stayed firm and told them to go watch TV while mommy slept 5 more minutes. John and Allie have grown out of begging for a drink, but now Sam has Ginny to deal with. I just love kids!!!

Getting Ready for #4

So I am supposedly 2 1/2 weeks from my due date and there hasn't been much progress. My mom and sister are helping though because they have gone walking with me two days in a row at 6:30 am. Amber only gets mad at me for one or two minutes when I call her that early. Monday is the next doctor appointment. We will see how it goes.