Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mutton chops

And this is Sam with "Mutton Chops". We actually went to a resturaunt with his beard this way and we got a lot of double takes. Every time Sam saw himself in the mirror he couldn't help but laugh. (I laughed every time I looked at him.)

Cute Pictures

John's First Day of School

This is John's first day of Kindergarten. He had to have his new school shirt tucked in. They don't wear uniforms there, so he gets to choose. He is so cute.

Friday, September 5, 2008


So we were working on john's pronunciation of the letter S the other day and John was kind of getting frustrated. (He puts his tongue between his teeth when he is saying S instead of putting his teeth together.) We were trying to get him to say soda when all of a sudden he says, "I can't say soda but I can say root beer." What you have to understand is that he has trouble with R as well. So we heard, " I can't thay thoda, but I can thay woot beew." He is so cute.