Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Love In-Laws

So, my in-laws are getting ready to go on a mission in the next year and a half. I volunteered to go over to their house and help them go through all the stuff they have collected over the past 3 or 4 decades. They only have one child still at home, Scott, so I thought it wouldn't be too tramatic for anyone. Well I thought wrong!! We were going through a closet and there was a bag of Scott's old soccor shirts. Rhea and I called him up to the room to ask him if he wanted to keep them. He said yes of course and then I suggested that he take them to his room or find another way to store them. Needless to say, we got into a friendly arguement about what things should be thrown out or stored. Then came a box of balloons out of the closet, (A very old box let me remind you) and I had the nerve to say that they might need to be thrown out because they probably have gone bad. Scott came unglued and proceeded to prove to me that they are still good by making flowers and hats for the grandkids that were visiting. He even sent innocent little Mack with a balloon flower in hand to tell me, and I quote, "Hah!" Yes, they were still good and I was wrong about them being bad, but to use all the balloons in that box Scott will have to make a balloon creation every day for the rest of his life to possibly get through all the balloons. He sure will have some lucky kids. The whole experience was really fun and I am lucky to have such funny people in my family. When looking for in-laws make sure they have a sense of humor!!! It makes life Grand!!