Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of School

I am a little late posting these, but sometimes life gets a little crazy. Have fun.

Thanks to Amber coming with me, we were able to get some nice action pictures.

John doesn't seem to care what he is wearing. But he can tie his own shoes now. He learned just two days before first grade started. He is so happy. He can even double knot them.

I do like uniforms, but Allie is not too thrilled about no pink. We just make sure she has pink or purple shoes or bows.


What is with my kids learning to walk early and climb right after!! Brandon has mastered the folding chair.

Bye Bye to my hair !!

Ever since my sister-in-law Kate cut her hair and sent it to locks of love, I have always wanted to do the same thing. So, when my hair got really long, summer time in Vegas came, and my baby turned into a hair puller, I felt the time was right. I love my new hair cut. Thanks to my other great sister-in-law Janay.

This was before I cut my hair. We sent 10 inches of hair in.

This is me after Janay cut my hair. It is so much fun to have short hair. I haven't had short hair in a long long time. Sam was very reluctant to have me cut my hair before, but now he loves it. He even caught himself checking me out in the store and didn't know it was me. What a great husband right!!